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Angels and Demons Book Review

When Dan Brown published his fourth  novel, The Da Vinci Code, in 2003, it was an instant bestseller. It boasted a fascinating protagonist, a Harvard professor of religious iconography named Robert Langdon, and compelling conspiracy theories. Brown, it seemed, had come out of nowhere. But the bestseller actually had precursors, including Angels and Demons,  the first book in the  Robert Langdon series. Published in 2000 by Simon Schuster, the 713-page turner  takes place chronologically before The Da Vinci Code, although it doesnt really matter which you read first. Both books revolve around  conspiracies within the Catholic church, but most of the action in Angels and Demons takes place in Rome and the Vatican.  As of 2018, Brown has written three more books in the  Robert Langdon saga, The Lost Symbol (2009), Inferno (2013), and Origin (2017). All but The Lost Symbol and Origin have been made into films starring Tom Hanks. Plot The book opens with the murder of a physicist working for the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland. An ambigram representing the word  Illuminati, referring to a centuries-old secret society,  has been branded onto the victims chest. In addition, the director of CERN soon learns that a canister filled with a type of matter that has the destructive power equal to a nuclear bomb has been stolen from CERN and  hidden somewhere in Vatican City. The director calls in  Robert Langdon, an expert on archaic religious symbolism, to help unravel the various clues and find the canister. Themes What follows is a fast-paced thriller focused on Langdons attempts to discover who is pulling the strings within the Illuminati  and how far their influence goes. Its major themes are religion versus science, skepticism versus faith, and the hold that powerful people and institutions have over the people they supposedly serve. Positive Reviews Angels and Demons  is an intriguing thriller for the way in which it mixes religious and historical elements with a sense of foreboding. It introduced the general public to an ages-old secret society, and was a unique entry into the world of conspiracy theory mysteries.  While the book may not be  great literature  per se, it is great entertainment. Publishers Weekly had this to say:   Well plotted and explosively paced.  Crammed with Vatican intrigue and hi-tech drama, Brown’s tale is laced with twists and shocks that keep the reader wired right up until the final revelation. Packing the novel with sinister figures worthy of a Medici, Brown sets an explosive pace through a Michelin-perfect Rome. Negative Reviews The book received its share of criticism, mainly for its historical inaccuracies presented as fact, a criticism that would carry over into The Da Vinci Code, which played even more fast and loose with history and religion. Some Catholics took offense at Angels and Demons, and with its subsequent sequels, stating that the book is nothing but a smear campaign of their beliefs. Conversely,  the books emphasis on secret societies, alternative interpretations of history, and conspiracy theories might strike pragmatic readers as more of a fantasy than a fact-based thriller. Finally, Dan Brown doesnt hold back as far as violence is concerned. Some readers might object to   or find disturbing the graphic nature of Browns writing. Still,  Angels and Demons has sold millions of copies worldwide, and remains a popular read  with lovers of conspiracy-laced thrillers.

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What I Have Learned About Diversity Management - 1524 Words

Diversity in the workplace has been a very knowledgeable course in which sometimes I have been challenged on my own thought process and beliefs. As I move forward in my studies and life I plan to expand my awareness of recognize my own ethnocentricities and respect the benefits of other cultures diverse values and behaviors. As I make the move into management I plan on applying what I have learned about diversity management and how as stated in (Canas Sondak, 2014)creates not only a competitive advantage in consumer markets but an environment in which differences are â€Å"valued and allowed to influence positively [organizational members’] experience in and contribution to the work of the organization. Looking back on my research paper when deciding what company to choose my audit for I found each company has the same concept that would be they could change the world through diversity in the workplace. I plan on taking this business belief and applying it to my company and show the success that it has brought to other companies. I would like to expand my awareness on the laws and regulations in diversity laws and regulations so not to make a mistake and unintentionally discriminate against someone. I would apply my knowledge of the two types of sexual harassment that came out of the Supreme Court case Meritor Savings Bank vs. Vinson, as stated in (Powell, 2011) in quid pro quo sexual harassment, the harasser asks the victim to participate in sexual activity in return forShow MoreRelatedMy Reflection On My Experience In A Classroom1282 Words   |  6 Pages Over the past month in my classroom, I feel as if I have learned and observed an almost overwhelming amount of interactions, situations, etc. It seems that it should not have been possible to learn so much in such a short amount of time. However, I firmly believe that these observations have allowed me to add to my experiences and knowledge regarding my future in this career field. Coming into this internship program, my main goal was to learn how to teach lessons. My focus was geared towardsRead MoreLeadership Challenges in Diversity Essay1078 Words   |  5 Pages Leadership Challenges in Diversity The article, â€Å"Challenges of Leading a Diverse Workforce,† by Janice R.W. Joplin and Catherine Daus, discusses research that suggests six challenging factors when promoting diversity in an organization, along with proposed solutions to those challenges. The six challenges include, the Change of Power Dynamics, Diversity of Opinions, Perceived Lack of Empathy, Tokenism, real and perceived, Participation, and Inertia (Joplin, Daus 1997). The challenges andRead MoreOrganizational Behavior : An Organization1521 Words   |  7 PagesOrganizational Behavior (OB) entails the study and usage of knowledge about how individuals, people, as well as groups function in organizations (Luthans Yousseff, 2007). Using a systematic approach, organizational behavior interprets people/organization relations in terms of the groups, individuals, entire organization, and social system. The main objective of organizational behavior is to help find or develop better relationships by attaining human objectives, social objectives and ultimatelyRead MoreDiversity Is A Diverse Personality That Cultivates Within Any Group Setting936 Words   |  4 Pagesthat carries an adventurous circle of diversity. I am a 38-year-old African American who finds herself looking for opportunities in every day’s life cycle. I find my personality as a diverse personality that cultivates within any group setting. Over the years, I have come to learn diversity is everyday lifestyles, whether it is faced on by grocery shopping, employment etc. I have learned there is no way around diversities and its settings; however, diversity is a direction of your reflection. Read MoreOrganizational Behavior And The Social Sciences1671 Words   |  7 PagesAfter 7 weeks of Organizational Behavior class, I have learned many factors that influence an individual to make a workplace more exciting and effective. This class is more than a subject for me as it helped me to experience the different views of my peers. There is no doubt that, this subject is an eye opener for me that gives value to my work ethics and understandings. Before beginning to learn the subject, there were so many unknown factors that required clarifications in my work life. An in-depthRead MoreReflective Report : Look The Module Description845 Words   |  4 Pagessome the most importance elements about what I have learned in this course up to now(MSc in public service). meanwhile, it must be said that some of these knowledge acquired is due to the environment surrounding me. I have been studying throughout this course moving from one module to another. such as, Marketing in an International context, Management organisational behaviour, Management environment and the most interesting one for me is the international Management and Leadership across culture.Read MoreKirksville, Missouri, Dr. Seuss882 Words   |  4 Pagesinding Diversity in Kirksville, Missouri Dr. Seuss once said, â€Å"Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one else who is youer than you.† I think this statement makes a great testament to the greatness of being a diversified people. People are classified negatively by their race, gender, economic status, and many more categories, but what someone views as a weakness just might be another’s strength. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines diversity as â€Å"the condition of having orRead MoreReflective Report On Public Service Course1013 Words   |  5 Pagesreflective report I would like to address the most importance elements about what I have learned through the first semester on MSc in public service course u. I must say that the environment surrounding me has affected my reflective knowledge acquisition. I have been through the first course’s modules such as Marketing in an International context, Management organisational behaviour, and Management environment. However, the most interesting module for me is the international Management and LeadershipRead MoreDiversity Management and Cultural Intelligence1260 Words   |  6 PagesCARROLL 1 Shavasia K. Carroll Current Issues in OB Final Diversity Management and Cultural Intelligence Diversity Management and cultural intelligence is the crucial keys in today’s workforce to successfully compete in a global marketplace. Corporations can no longer use lack of cultural intelligence as an excuse. Organizations pursuing global success must embrace diversity in their thoughts, actions, and innovations. Diversity doesn’t just focus on making the numbers, but how the organization’sRead MoreThe Diversity Programs And Development1749 Words   |  7 PagesDiversity programs and development, when managed well, can make or break business innovation and productivity. Micron is a technical organization on the forefront of diversity programming. We will explore this organization s reasoning for developing a strong program, highlight some key features and make the case that vigorous diversity efforts affect recruitment, retention, motivation and engagement. In 1978, Micron Technology, Inc. was founded in Boise, Idaho. Micron is the global leader in

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Teaching Homosexuality And The School System - 1126 Words

Social Conditioning Teaching Homosexuality Through the Unites States teaching homosexuality and the Acceptance of Gay student s is becoming more prevelant. The question that should be asked first is why students are becoming targets for the new Homosexual Agenda? The Public school system has become the prey for Gay right activist. â€Å" The ideas is change the minds of students today, and you will change the direction od states tomorrow (Harrub 2006). Activist believe the younger the kids, the more open they are. They believe if kids are educated from First and second grade about homosexuality, it will cause a better generation of individuals. How are gay activist approaching the school system? Activist are able to approach schools by repackaging the gay movement as a safety issue Stated by Kevin Jennings, Director of the Office of safe and Drug Free schools. Reform the movement by saying schools are not safe for gay and lesbian youth. Gay and lesbian youth will be subjected to bullying, name-calling, suicide and other violent problems. Making schools safe has now transitioned to the Teaching students the normalcy of homosexuality and the acceptance of Homosexuality as a culture. Instead of teaching the health risk of homosexuality, Schools are now acknowledging the history of homosexuality. California has now passed a law the makes May 22 â€Å"gay Day†. The day is officially called Harvey Milk Day, in honor of Harvey Milk an activist and first openly gay men to be electedShow MoreRelatedGay And High School Students1235 Words   |  5 Pagesit is important for our youth to be educated about the diversity that ex ists among them. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students are more likely to be open about their sexualities and identities today than ever before. Middle school and high school students need to be fully aware of different identities that exist in the modern world; they are going to encounter people who identify as LGBT, and need to be able to see past the mainstream stereotypes that have been placed on the communityRead More Beliefs Taken to the Extremes Essay1623 Words   |  7 Pagesnothing more than Anti-Freedom, Anti-family rhetoric that threatens to undermine the very fabric of the American family, in all its forms.      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Through movements, organizations, and people the Religious Right wishes to impose its belief system upon us, the American people. Those beliefs are, in all their forms, hurt innocent people. The agenda of the Religious Right is most definitely Anti-Family.      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   In its proselytizing of its views the Religious Right has decided toRead MoreHomosexualiy and the Catholic Church Essay1568 Words   |  7 Pagesin Scotland homosexuality is one of the most prominent issues in Church and society today. Gay-rights advocates and activists are pushing a strong political agenda from the left#8212;job benefits for domestic partners, civil recognition for gay marriages, the right to bear ones own children via reproductive technologies, equal access to adoption, anti-discrimination statutes. At the same time, the government has changed legislation regarding the teaching about homosexuality in Schools. Sir EltonRead MoreElementary School Is Vital For The Start Of A 6-1 Year Olds Educational Life1490 Words   |  6 PagesCathrine Jarek Mr. Behan Honors Lit. Per 2 5/8/15 Elementary Schools in America Elementary school is vital to the start of a 3-6 year-olds educational life. This is the pedestal to the remainder of their educational career as well as their ultimate success as an adult in the future. Wouldn t you want your child to have an efficient first five years of their education? Education in America overall is becoming more faulty then it is unflawed. According to CNY Central, U.S. students stand 36th inRead MoreIs Homosexuality A Mental Disorder?1500 Words   |  6 PagesHomosexuality has been one of the most controversial subjects around the world for thousands of years. Being a homosexual has been seen as taboo, morally wrong, and just abnormal. Scientists have questioned the mental health status of those who proclaim themselves as being homosexual, and have even gone as far to say that homosexuality is a mental disorder. Until 1974, being homosexual was deemed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) as a mental illness, and classifiedRead M oreAnalysis Of Karen Lee s Project Classroom Makeover Essay1236 Words   |  5 PagesIndividuals with traits outside these norms are ostracized and looked down upon by the hierarchy. Cathy Davidson’s, Project Classroom Makeover, promotes the use of customization in the education system to accommodate every students’ learning habits over the current use of standardization and curriculum based teachings. On the other hand, Karen Ho’s, Biographies of Hegemony, is about how one’s environment is engineered by institutions, which in turn establish hierarchies who set standards for society. HoweverRead MoreTeaching and Modeling Homosexual Tolerance in the Public School System1361 Words   |  6 PagesTeaching and Modeling Homosexual Tolerance in the Public School System I am an advocate of acceptance and tolerance as well as equality for homosexuals. I am going to try and explain to you the course we as a society needs to take. I want to share with you the history of the world in relation to gay relationships, genetics, statistics, and Christianity in order to familiarize you with the topic in hopes of helping you see things my way. I will be doing all of this to try and persuade you toRead MoreInequality On The Basis Of Race, Class, Sex, And Resource Poor Educational System924 Words   |  4 Pagessexuality is maintained in a variety of ways and contexts in the education system. This institution functions through several strategies to contain these common imbalances in society. The leading issue for this division is on the basis of its individual structure within the system. For example, Jonathan Kozol demonstrates that â€Å"the divergent experiences of students in a resource-rich and resource-poor educational systems demonstrates a difference in the distribution of cultural capital† (Ore 226)Read MoreMoral and Ethical Issues1713 Words   |  7 PagesMoral and ethical issues greet us each morning in the newspaper, confront us in the fundamentals of our daily jobs, encounter us from our childrens daily school activities, and bid us good night on the evening news. We are bombarded daily with discussions of drug abuse, the morality of medical technologies that can prolong our lives, the rights of the homeless and abortion, the fairness of our childrens teachers to the diverse students in their classrooms, and sexual morality. Dealing with theseRead MoreLgbt Original Oratory.974 Words   |  4 PagesI can walk through the halls of my school and get shot dirty looks, pushed, shoved, and cussed at. You would think that I had done something personall y to them, but its only one thing. The fact I am a lesbian. Unfortunately, this is the reality for me, and thousands of other teens across the United States. The only reason why they are isolated, beaten, and rejected as a whole, is because Sally likes Jane, and Jessie just wants to be Jessica. The bullying of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender

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A Discussion of Assessment and Feedback Issues free essay sample

A discussion of assessment and feedback issues Assessment is an important part of teaching and learning, the most obvious reason for carrying out assessment is to evaluate the students learning/achievement s and whether the student is heading toward the course of qualification. Teaching within NVQ the criteria is laid out for me as a teacher my role is to prepare the students to observe their performances, question them, and use assessment to make a decision as to whether my learners are competent or capable. I must also to ensure that the assessment meets the criteria and objectives of the NVQ qualification. We as the teachers/assessors want to know whether learning outcomes have been achieved, or if the student is of a standard required to pass and achieve the grade /qualification. It also helps me as the tutor up most to help determine the development the student needs during the course. Assessment is also a away to provide information on individual teacher or the institution. For example; are the teaching methods affective, are the learning objectives appropriate- are they too easy or to difficult. Assessment within my teaching domain comprises of different components, performances in the work places, the use of realistic working environment. With NVQ teaching we have specific criteria that must be covered and include skills as well as knowledge, we the assessors have the decision as to how and where the assessment takes place. NVQ level 1-2-3 hairdressing comprises of units which must be cover die, Level 3 consists of 53 credits minimum split into mandatory units -48 credits and optional unit of which is 6 credits to pass and obtain the qualification. Following VTCT/HABIA critia guide lines and assessment work book. VTCT/HABIA strongly advocates a holistic approach for assessment of learners. Examples include using one assessment method to gather evidence for a number of criteria integrating knowledge into practical observation (i. e. through oral or evidenced on analysis sheets i. e. consultation forms). I myself as a teacher of hair and beauty believe in Habia and VTCT Assessment learning and teaching strategies I believe in engaging and exciting the learner whether it means I need to change the way I assess or how I bring my knowledge forward for learners to understand and help them complete their course. I measure the achievements against the standards set out. One of the advantages of NVQs is that the whole area to be tested is set out from the start. NVQ assessment is usually internal or external or a combination of the two. Internal assessment means myself is responsible for devising and marking assessments be it using case study’s which also help develop functional/key skills, observation ,oral ,informal,ect. These then tend to be verified by the centre internal verifier. I myself am required to set work that will improve practical skills knowledge and understanding. It’s my responsibility to guide learners on the evidence that is needed to be gathered to satisfy assessment. Within my course criteria (NVQ) we use formative and summative assessment as the main hold of the course. Unlike summative assessment which relates to assessment of learning, feedback relates to assessment for learning. Assessment 1998: Torrance and Pryor 1998) which helps the learners progress (Black and William We use formative assessment as formal or informal. For assessment to function formatively, the results have to be used to adjust teaching and learning. † (Black and William 1998: pp. -16) With formative assessment we use a range of activitys, case studies, multiple choice test, practical test, projects, questioning alone or within a group. To help students understand the frame work and what is needed we use in NVQ or within my institution mile stones of 13 weeks covering formative summative and mandatory test assessment. I strongly believe in formative a ssessment for the students and me the teacher for my own evaluation as well as theses; it contributes to the learner’s progress provided guidance on how to bridge the gaps to achieve the desired results, we use ILPS to also help within this process. ILPs individual learning plans, we use these to encourage the students also for means of developing their own targets and to motivate and encourage the students learning development. These documents are updated by learner and teacher throughout the course and are used as part of the formal course assessment. Summative assessment is used for grading or within my teaching domain it’s a simple pass or fail. As stated in (Teaching skills in the further and adult education 3rd addition David Minton p 288) progression and new technology. There is no reason why a teaching session in a hairdressing salon should not be video-taped or photo graphed and presented with by the teacher to explain whys/he did what, what happened, what was observed in a group or individual work. It’s a valuable tool for evaluation as well as valid evidence. It can be shared with mentor or other tutor to compare and evaluate work, to review Atcual teaching session also and assessment of students. I myself have used this and found it a good tool to be used. In regards to questions and feed back during assessment, It’s important to be specific on what can be improved and how. Effective feedback tells the student what they have achieved and where they need to improve. Questioning is used not only as a pedagogical tool but also as a deliberate way for myself the teacher to find out what knowledge and understanding the leaner’s have gained, also to helps myself the teacher see how successful my teaching has been and what areas need to be improved . Questioning is fundamental to effective teaching and learning. As stated by ( Fisher amp; Frey 2007) Checking for understanding through questioning should not be thought as a simple two step process but rather as a complex progression as the teacher formulates and then listens to the responses of the learners, IE making them from easy to hard and simplifying them for students own level of learning. Self and peer assessment can also be beneficial in feedback and evaluation on own and peers works. As state many academic teachers still tend to retain all ownership and power in the assessment process (Dorothy spiller teaching development wahonga Feb 2012 assessment matters). Self assessment is used during formative assessment which students reflects and evaluates their own work. Seeing their strengths weaknesses and areas they feel they need to improve, helps set self goals becoming more motivated. Self assessment within my teaching area requires the student to fill out self assessment feedback forms in relation to a practical activities carried out, this help them self –evaluate their work strengths and weaknesses. â€Å"SELF ASSESMENT WITH ITS EMPHASIS ON STUDENT RESPONAIBITIY AND MAKING JUDGMENT IS NECESSARY SKILL FOR LIFE LONG LEARNING â€Å"(Bond, 1995, P. 11,). In the3 same contexts Peer feedback can also be beneficial to individuals or groups of students who are keen to experiment and use new ideas. Peers assessment involving students giving feedback on peers work can help students make sense of gaps in their own work. I see self and peer assessment beneficial where certain points are present. Designed to enhance learning ,involving learners in judging own work, help improve and motivated owns mind and work . Boud, D (1995). Enhancing learning through self-assesment. London:Koger page. Boud, (1995 P. 11. ). (Black and William 1998: pp. 5-16) Douglas Fisheramp; Nancy Frey 2007 www. reading,org questioning. (Teaching skills in the further and adult education 3rd addition David Minton p 288)

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Recommendation of Management Training Companies for Business Partnership Essay Example

Recommendation of Management Training Companies for Business Partnership Essay MEMORADUM To William HO, the Director of Gross saless and Selling From Victor Wong Kwun Kit, Management Trainee Date 7 May 2014 We will write a custom essay sample on Recommendation of Management Training Companies for Business Partnership specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Recommendation of Management Training Companies for Business Partnership specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Recommendation of Management Training Companies for Business Partnership specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Capable Recommendation of Management Training Companies for Business Partnership Introduction In response to your petition in April 2014, I have conducted a comprehensive reappraisal on the preparation demands of Yummy Fast Food ( Yummy ) and evaluated the suitableness of our possible concern spouses – AP Corporate Training ( AP ) and Excel Management Consultants ( Excel ) . Due to Yummy’s concern sing the inadequacy of following merely one preparation attack in deciding their jobs, we would collaborate with either AP or Excel as a concern spouse to supply an effectual and all-rounded preparation plan. The intent of this study is to measure the two direction preparation companies and suggest the most suited concern spouse to join forces with us in functioning Yummy. This study is composed of the recommendation and decision subdivision, choice standards and justifications, and followed by a holistic analysis of the two companies based on preparation attack and suitableness, cost-effectiveness and repute. Recommendation and Decision After a careful comparing of the two companies, I would urge Excel alternatively of AP to be our concern spouse, chiefly because of their cost-efficient and good established preparation method. Equipped with the alone PARA attack, Excel will plan bespoke plans during the readying phase and guarantee the intended aims have been achieved during the post-event feedback session. Excel is able to integrate synergistic outdoor activities in cultural defining and squad edifice solutions that match the demands and corporate environment of Yummy, which are peculiarly effectual to energetic catering staff with lower instruction degree. Their short term experimental acquisition attack surely supplement good with our long term training doctrine in bring forthing immediate but long permanent effects to Yummy. Founded in 1962, Excel has developed sound path record and extended geographic coverage across 30 counties with 50 preparation Centres. Positive post-training feedbacks from participants have appreciated the profound impacts and first quality of their services. Given the sensible monetary value charged and ideal length of the plans, I would urge Excel over AP for the concern partnership. Choice Criteria and Justification To choose the concern spouse that best fit the specific demands of Yummy, I have weighed the two companies by the undermentioned subdivision standards and justifications. The subdivision is listed in falling order of importance: 1. Training attack and Suitability to the demands of Yummy This is of paramount importance that the corporate preparation attack of the concern spouse stresses the practical application of developing experience in existent concern environment and straight addresses the cardinal jobs of Yummy, since this would find the range and nature of the preparation merchandises offered and their effectivity. It is indispensable for the concern spouse to transport out an in-depth diagnosing sing the demands of Yummy during the readying phase to orient made preparation services that well strengthen direction effectivity, readily work out cultural struggles and develop common apprehension between squads in Yummy. Apart from that, the concern spouses should be able to bring forth synergism with Vertex, either by complementing the inadequacy of Vertex’s service coverage or by reenforcing the effects of Vertex’s preparations. It is important that the preparation attack of the concern spouse creates no struggle with that of Vertex. Otherwise, it would take to inauspicious effects that undermine the overall preparation consequence. An optimum pick of concern spouse with suited preparation attack and tight coaction with Vertex would supply maximised benefits to Yummy. 2. Cost-Effectiveness of the Program Cost-effectiveness of preparation services is another major demand of Yummy, as stated in their old electronic mails. In visible radiation of this, I will carry on a cost-benefit analysis on the plans provided by the two preparation companies, which take into history factors such as monetary value, continuance, characteristics of the plans and back uping services provided. In the rating of each of the above factors, the measuring is based on the suitableness to Yummy’s specific corporate environment, effectivity in deciding corporate challenges and attraction of the characteristics towards the employees. A desirable plan should give immediate but long permanent effects to Yummy while bear downing a sensible monetary value. 3. Repute and Path Record Repute and experience of the concern spouses are another cardinal standards. The repute of the preparation company can guarantee that their services are of high quality. The market place of the company will connote whether the preparation attack is widely recognised by different clients in assorted geographicss. To place jobs and design matching solution in a more efficient mode, a concern spouse demands to hold in-depth experience, extended web and strong relationship in a wide scope of industries, in peculiar catering. The feedbacks from old clients will farther determine the consequence of their preparations and whether the preparation advisers are professional. Findingss and Analysis 1. Training attack and Suitability to the demands of Yummy Excel uses a well-recognized experiential acquisition attack, which means acquisition by making. It combines out-of-door activities with activities to accomplish an optimum mix of larning experience delivered to the participants. Under the alone acquisition model PARA , which refers to readying, action, contemplation and application, Excel seamster made their preparations to aim specific demands of their clients. Their PARA attack is consistent with Vertex’s end puting attack, since both of which emphasis on pre-training readying and post-training monitoring and contemplation. Having strong accent on teamwork and compassion aided with existent life experience for the receivers, Excel’s developing doctrine lucifers precisely with Yummy’s demands and enhances the effectivity on squad coaction and cultural alteration. Excel’s Culture Programme and People Program could undertake critical challenges of Yummy by constructing trust and facilitating relationship development across the squads. A major concern sing the range of services provided by Excel is that all the preparations requires at least 10 participants. Therefore, Excel is unable to sharpen the leading accomplishments of the 4 directors of Yummy. However, this hazard is safely mitigated by the leading coaching services provided by Vertex. In contrast, even though AP provides another well-known acquisition attack based on acquisition and application of cognition with customized characteristics, the range and nature of their merchandise offering are unsuitable to the demands and environment of Yummy. The overemphasis on theoretical cognition and instance surveies may take to limited immediate impact on the catering operation of Yummy. While preparations for directors are comparatively solid with Manager as Appraiser and The Effective Management for Managers , their maps are overlapping with Leadership Coaching and 360 Assessment provided by Vertex. Furthermore, merely one plan, How to Win Friendship in Workplace , is applicable to the staff, who are the bulk of the participants, and this plan is unable to decide Yummy’s major job created by cultural struggle. Overall, I anticipate that Excel’s attack would bring forth a stronger synergism with Vertex and supply a more comprehensive solution that suits the demands of Yummy. 2. Cost-Effectiveness of the Program I believe that Excel’s services will be more cost-efficient sing their sensible monetary value and higher quality of service. On norm, each of their plan take 2.5 to 3 yearss, which includes one twenty-four hours of post-event feedback session to guarantee planed aims are achieved. The plan continuance is optimum to trip cultural alteration and construct long lasting relationship. A series of out-of-door activities will take topographic point in Excel’s sophisticated preparation sites located in Tai Mong Tsai and Wong Wan Chau. These synergistic and piquant activities could promote active engagement from Yummy’s staff and are peculiarly effectual since employees in catering industry are by and large energetic and have lower instruction degree. The cost of each customised plan is $ 5,600 per caput with a 20 % price reduction is considered acceptable to Yummy. On the other manus, the preparation bundle offered by AP might be less attractive to Yummy given the short continuance of the plans, schoolroom styled acquisition and deficiency of back uping services. Two out of the three suited plans offered by AP last for merely 1 twenty-four hours and the staying one last for 3 yearss. I am rather dubious whether the staff and directors can to the full absorb the cognition taught in such short clip frame and use them in existent concern environment. Sing the instruction degree of Yummy’s staff, the theoretical acquisition and instance surveies approach might render the preparation uneffective by demotivating the group with notes and talks, despite the potentially interesting function drama subdivision. There are no station event feedback or rating session offered to determine intended ends are attained. The fees construction of each customised plan is the same as Excel. However, it is more expensive after taking into history the shorter co ntinuance of the plans. 3. Repute and Path Record Excel has a much longer history ( 50+ old ages ) than AP ( 17 old ages ) , with operation commenced since 1962 in Britain. It has the most extended geographic coverage in the industry with 50 preparation Centres located in more than 30 states and possesses the most constituted preparation methodological analysis in the field of experiential instruction, which non merely indicated Excel’s matchless repute, but their various abilities to function companies with different civilizations and demands globally. Meanwhile, positive post-training remarks from pervious participants have pinpointed their effectivity on furthering squad cooperation and relationship edifice. This is peculiarly relevant in covering with the current challenges of Yummy. Relatively, AP has its border on serving a assortment of esteemed local clients in assorted industries such as Hyatt ( Hotel Industry ) , IBM ( Technology Industry ) and most significantly Maxim’s Cafe ( Catering Industry ) . This implies that AP would hold an accurate apprehension on the demands of the catering industry and could plan industry specific plans to Yummy consequently. In add-on, AP has achieved an outstanding client satisfaction rate of 97 % over the old ages which serves as a strong prove of their quality of service. Although both Excel and AP have solid path record and sound client feedbacks, Excel somewhat triumph over AP in its expertness on advancing coaction and developing common apprehension between squads, which are important to Yummy. Excel’s deficiency of providing industry experience would be readily covered by the in-depth analysis performed by Vertex over the past months. Shutting Remarks Sing the aforesaid choice standards and findings, Excel Management Consultants would be a better concern spouse than AP to collaborate with us in supplying a comprehensive, impactful and well-structured preparation plan for Yummy. Should you hold any questions on the rating, delight kindly allow me cognize and I am happy to explicate and supply more inside informations for you. VWKK

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Spanish Words for Use Around the Home

Spanish Words for Use Around the Home If youre like most of us, chances are you spend more time at home than you do anywhere else. So if youre looking at expanding your Spanish vocabulary, you might consider starting with some of the places youre most familiar with. Following, then, are the most common Spanish words used for places and items in the house. Note that many of the words can vary with region, and many of the words can have other meanings in other contexts. For example, while dormitorio is a common word for bedroom, it also can refer to the sleeping car of a train. Rooms and Areas of the House attic: el tico, el desvn, el entretechobasement: el sà ³tanobathroom: el baà ±o, el cuarto de baà ±o, el retretebedroom: el dormitoriocloset, wardrobe: el armario, el roperocourtyard: el patioden, study: el estudiodining room: el comedorentryway: la entradafamily room: la estancia, el cuarto de estargarage: el garage, la cocherakitchen: la cocinaliving room: la sala de estar, el salà ³nroom: el cuarto Words for Built-in Features ceiling: el techocupboard: el armario, la despensadoor: la puertaelectrical socket: el enchufe (de pared)faucet: el grifofloor: el suelo (floor that is walked on), el piso (level of a building)(kitchen) counter: el mostrador (de cocina), la encimera (other words are also used in various areas)lamp: la lmparalight: la luz, la lmpara, la lmpara de techo (ceiling light), el plafà ³n (ceiling light)mirror: el espejoroof: el tejadosink: el fregadero, el fregadero de cocina (kitchen sink), el fregadero de baà ±o (bathroom sink)stairs: la escalera, las escalerastoilet: el vter, el wter, el inodoro, el servicio, el retretewall: la pared (inside), el muro (outside)window: la ventana Words for Appliances and Furniture bed: la camablender: la licuadorachair: la sillachest of drawers: la cà ³modacouch, sofa: el sof, el divndishwasher: el lavavajillas, el lavaplatos, el friegaplatos (These are all compound nouns.)drier (for clothes): la secadorairon: la planchaoven: el horno (el horno microondas, or simply el microondas, microwave oven)stove: la estufa, la cocina (usage varies with region)table: la mesatoaster: el tostador, la tostadoravacuum cleaner: la aspiradorawasher (for clothes): la lavadora

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Literature Review and Research Proposal - That extra intervention of a

And Research Proposal - That extra intervention of a dietician and occupational therapist will maintain a he - Literature review Example To date there is no known cure for the disease even though there are various methods which slow down its advance and thus assists the patients in relieving some of the signs. It is a terminal disease which incurable and leads to death (Innes, Kelly and McCabe, 2012, p. 104). Extra intervention of a dietician and an occupational therapist will ultimately maintain a healthy body mass index and improve quality of life, depression and dyskinesia in the patient with Alzheimer’s disease. This literature review and research paper will take a deep comprehensive study on the vital important role that the dieticians and the occupational therapist play in the slowing down on the effects and symptoms of patients with Alzheimer’s disease (Small and Vorgan, 2011, p. 124). This paper summarizes the specific approaches to the maintenance of a healthy body mass index in the patient whereas taking into consideration the other aspects of good health which include improvement of the qualit y of life, significant reduction of depression and dyskinesia (McDonald, 2010, p. 32). This paper will take into account the world-class recommendations that a dietician will highly recommend regarding certain foods which the Alzheimer’s patient will eat so that the symptoms of the disease are significantly reduced (Pulsford and Thompson, 2012, p. 129). Notable recommendations will also be highlighted regarding the advice that an occupational therapist would outmost recommend to the patient. A detailed overview on what the patient should do to reduce these symptoms are noted whereas providing very valuable advice on how the patients health will improve taking in to consideration the patient’s body mass index, superior life quality and an overall reduction in depression and dyskinesia (Downs and Bowers, 2008, p. 58). Literature Review Alzheimer’s disease has in the recent past turned out to be a widespread dementia complication among old people in the society. As defined, Alzheimer’s disease is the general loss of cognitive functioning which includes reduced reasoning, remembering, and thinking ability. Alzheimer’s disease is also presumed to be an irreversible and a progressive brain disorder which minimises thinking and memory skills. Moreover, recent researches have also confirmed that, long term existence of Alzheimer’s disease may as well reduce individuals’ ability to carry out some of the simplest jobs (Basak, Boot, Kraemer and Voss 2008, p. 777). Based on the available statistics, Alzheimer’s disease is in most cases apparent among people who are above 60 years of age. Compared to traditional society, contemporary societies have witnessed significant increased in cases of Alzheimer’s disease (Vance, McNees and Meneses, 2009, p. 51). In the extreme cases, Alzheimer’s disease is as well affecting young people. The side effects and magnitude of Alzheimer’s disease is with time tur ning out to be very severe and in some cases Alzheimer’s disease has reported to cause deaths. The contemporary nature and side effects of Alzheimer’s disease have forced health researchers and thinkers to undertake intensive researches to identify the main cause of the disease as well as the most cost effective and efficiency means of dealing with the problem (Ziere, Dieleman, Hofman, Pols, Cammen and Stricker, 2007, p. 223). The subsequent literature review is intended at examining how the extra intervention of a dietician and occupational ther